Original Radio D-Day News Bulletins May 31 - June 7 1944
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Bulletins for June 7

The final moments of Radio D-Day.

The last minute's output from Radio D-Day on June 19, 1994. It was preceded by a long sequence of recorded memories from servicemen and local eyewitnesses, followed by Vera Lynn with "We'll meet again". As the siren sounded the final "All clear" there was barely a dry eye among all of us gathered there in the studio. In an odd time-shifted way we too had lived through that momentous time.

Final moments as the station closes

Radio D-Day was a unique project and great credit to Chris Hopkins who organised the programming and generated a large chunk of output, to Rosemary Mundy who had the original idea, to the team of presenters who excelled in the world of ITMA, Gracie Fields and Glen Miller, and to scores of people, mostly local, who shared their memories of days that changed history.

"Radio D-Day - saluting the past that gave us our present"

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